December 27, 2017

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It could have gone differently....Happy Birthday Son!

October 23, 2018

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A is for Apple...Asexual...Ally

March 2, 2017


Once upon a time – when I pretended to be straight; I too did not know what all those letters mean in the acronym.....LGBTQIA>>>>WHAT?


This is a multi-part series…Going backwards in the acronym, because I think it is important that each letter get its own time.  So tune into upcoming weeks. 


I will also say that amongst the LGBTQIA community…the letters and what they stand for can be controversial. 


Largely controversial.


However, I think the controversy is super sad, since in my opinion shows a great divide amongst the LGBT community and if we are divided how can we expect the masses to support our causes?


But for the purpose of this blog series….I am going to give you my understanding of what each letter means…and I want to be clear that it may not align with what the GLAAD or other LGBT groups have deemed the letters to mean. 


Here we go:


"A" is for Asexual – the official letter in the acronym is for Asexual.


Which by Wikipedia means:

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.


I think asexual people have largely been ignored in the acronym, and in my opinion are due to the fact they don’t often self label.  They are quiet about their letter and although I have met a few asexual people, the ones I have met have been in support groups or private settings.  Due to the very nature of their letter, most don’t have outward displays of sexuality so making waves to be recognized is not always a priority.  Nevertheless…they are a part of the LGBTQIA group and they matter!  If you know an asexual person, try to understand them, listen to them and know they are beautiful humans. 


I also want to acknowledge the “ A” for Ally!


Many LGBT groups are largely offended to let the ally have a letter….but I think it is way more important that the LGBT masses give it merit. I have founded my company LIVE EQUAL on the hope and belief that the world accept me for who I am and let me and my family LIVE EQUAL to any other human being. 


I believe with all my heart that my straight friends and family want that too.  And that makes them an ALLY.  If the ally will support LGBT friendly businesses and NOT support the LGBT hater…then damn it, I think they deserve a letter!  I truly think that is the only way the entire world begins to change.  Plus, I think it is extremely unfair to the family member ally NOT to acknowledge they matter.


For example, my kids are technically NOT part of the LGBT community but why the hell not?  They are as immersed in it as I am….just because they love me.  So for my daughter or son, not to have a place in that community seems super wrong to me. 


They Matter! 


And what the ally thinks and what they do with their thinking…is the future of change for LGBTQIA people.  They are the next generation of not caring what label to put on people. 


And for me ….that REALLY REALLY matters. 


Carry On….and LIVE EQUAL!

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